30 August 2009

What kinda shoe is that?

Here I am to follow up on yet another first date.

I know my faithful following here read my blog about first date jitters and all about the man I was going to go out with. What was I going to wear and all that stuff. I now sit here and wonder why I even bothered to put so much effort in when clearly he did not.

Imagine it there I was freshly showered an shaved with the perfect outfit picked out, you know something that looked casual but put together. I had the perfect shoes and just the right amount of accessories, you have to be careful not to come across to high maintenance after all.

Then there was my date.

We were meeting at 7:00pm, and to be honest he had been working since 3:00am and didn't really look as if he had bothered to go freshen up before meeting up with me. He came very close to cancelling the date because he almost had to fly out to Toronto for work at the last minute.

The entire evening was a bit awkward. The conversation was superficial and somewhat strained, and definitely broke the first date unwritten law book. "Thou shall not talk about your x and why things went wrong or how they screwed you over", was certainly disregarded.

People if you are dating, WAKE UP! Never talk about your x on a first date. Get to know the person first and then let them see how screwed you are when it comes to dating. Come on honey we all got some baggage going on, the first date I wanna get to know you, not your damage.

Oh and unless you happen to be looking for a leach don't talk about how much money you have or how many houses you own. This is one shoeless mommy that isn't going to stick around just because of your bank accounts.

The date felt long, very very long. After an awkward coffee (which by the way, he didn't get anything) we went to a movie. It wasn't even a good movie. Anything I was interested in seeing he had already seen so we were stuck watching some waste of time movie about car sales men.

The evening ended with a very awkward hug and a good night. Nothing interesting to tell there.

So what can I say the hunt for the elusive sneakers continues.

1 comment:

JP Shaw said...

You have your sneakers you just have to try them on every now and then and get familiar with them since you haven't worn them ever (not these kind) heh heh

Sorry to hear your date was a bust, another one bites the dust and so the search should stop finally eh? wink wink.

Luv ya

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